Concert Review – Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton and the 44s

Reviewed by: Andrea Lukacsova

On 20th October Steve ‘Big Man’ Clayton & The 44s came to the Lichfield Guildhall. This original group was getting back together for one night, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of their highly acclaimed CD ‘Can’t Stop the Boogie’.

Steve Clayton - Lichfield Arts

I attended as a newcomer to the blues and jazz scene, and I have to say, that the Big Man has pleasantly surprised me. The way he communicated with the audience was just “amazing”! Perfect Blues voice, great sense of humour, whipping everyone into fits of laughter. Combined with imaginative musicians, Howard Gregory (guitar), Howard Smith (drums) and Bob Boucher (bass) whose backing voices together created an exciting background. They were convincing, charming and wonderfully funny. Such versatility!

I think Steve Clayton enjoyed the concert, as well. Steve said, “he likes to return to the stage of Lichfield Arts…”
What can I say? It was teriffic!

More photographs taken on the evening (Click the thumbnail images to view slideshow)

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