Concert Review: Lichfield Arts Rock Night

Review Of Lichfield Arts’ Rock Night – Saturday 23rd November

Reviewer: Phill Beale with photographs by Dave Carter

Saturday 23rd November saw a bit of a departure for Lichfield Arts – the Guildhall was graced with a night of original indie music from three very different bands that between them generated enough energy to power up the city’s Christmas lights!

Wally Von Zipper

Opening the evening were self-styled purveyors of ‘a cacophony of organised noisiness’ Wally Von Zipper. A trio of eighteen year old students from South Staffs College, they produce a unique sound that’s difficult to categorise: angular slashes of guitar and vocals from Elliot Nicholls over a busy bass and drum rhythm section, with interesting dynamics and tempo changes along the way. And they definitely won the prize for best song titles: Garlic Elephant and Bitternut Birdbath anyone? With such imagination and creativity they should go far.

kissin kippers fishing club

Next up were local veterans of shout-along tunes the Kissin’ Kippers Fishin Club. Their bassist was unavailable on the night, but it didn’t stop their singer, twin guitarists and drummer from putting in a fine set that got the audience singing along to tunes that are well-known amongst their loyal fan base, many of whom were the audience. Their songs are built around elastic funky grooves, over which lead guitar breaks are traded with singer Al Ginsberg’s vocals and occasional blast of lung-powered melodica. We were even treated to a chorus of Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy’s ‘Kiss Me’ laced seamlessly into one of their own numbers.

sn dubstation

Finishing off the evening were the remarkable SN Dubstation, a young band who had made the journey up the M5 from Swindon to entertain the crowd. As a seven piece comprising drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, sax, trumpet and vocals they filled the stage, and their sound certainly filled the venue. They bring to the table a winning ska/dub/reggae blend that is played with such verve and style that it put a smile on everyone’s face – including their singer Will Hargreaves, who was grinning from ear to ear throughout their set. They are a very tight band and are clearly excellent musicians. Their songs immediately grabbed the audience, who before long were joining the band in skanking the night away.

All in all an excellent night that did its bit to promote the indie music scene in Lichfield.

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