Concert review – Vin Garbutt

Lichfield Arts review – Vin Garbutt

Reveiwed by: Mike Jacob.

A firm Lichfield Arts favourite, Vin Garbutt returned to the Guildhall to play to a packed house on Saturday 8th March.

An established Folk singer and songwriter who has been on the scene for 45 years, his set is a melange of serious songs dealing with complex issues, interspersed with light-hearted banter. And this is why he has been so popular over the years.

Originating from, and still living in Teesside, and of Irish heritage, Vin’s songs cover a diverse range of subjects and issues. He sings of the demise of coalmining in the North East, the Irish “Troubles” and the oppression of the people of East Timor. By way of contrast, he describes the striking beauty of the rarely seen black poplar tree and recalls bittersweet memories of friends who have passed away.

His songs are warm, tender and direct, all with a heart-felt message, and his performance is suffused with a wit and sensibility that draws the audience in, absorbed one moment by the depth and talent of his song-writing and then laughing a few moments later at his genuinely funny anecdotes.

The audience was far from disappointed, by a characteristically skilled and accomplished performance that left them wanting more at the end of the evening.

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