Concert Review – King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys

Concert Review – King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys – Lichfield Guildhall

Review and photography by Ben Macnair
There are few things that can be guaranteed in life, but a large audience at a King Pleasure concert is usually one of them, and the six piece ensemble played to a packed house when they appeared at Lichfield Guildhall.
With their bright blue suits, slick musicianship and easy stage manner they played a set of feel-good jump jive classics, which featured a full brass section, and some fine, genre defining solos on keyboards and guitar.
The ensemble of lead vocalist and saxophonist King Pleasure, guitarist Bulmoose K Shirley, drummer Gary Barber, pianist Matt Foundling and group clown, bassist Shark Von Schtoop played music that as well as being feel good party music, was also extremely well played. Behind the good time façade, the six piece is a very sharp and tight ensemble, with a full sound.

Their set ranged from the opening driving rhythms of Ginhouse Boogie, which featured some fine keyboard, whilst the early pop of Wishing, Hoping had a toe-tapping beat. The classic rock ‘n’ roll song Shake, Rattle and Roll was well received, whilst the long for instrumental, The Popular Blues gave all six members a chance to show their musical pedigree.
The ever popular sax fuelled Tequilla had some of the crowd on their feet, whilst Back to Birmingham, which closed the second half was a brassy heavy stomp that featured exciting solo and a heavy beat. The Christmas songs that filled the encore sent the large audience out into the cold December night.

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