Become a member of Lichfield Arts

As you may be aware from a recent email regarding membership of Lichfield Arts we are simplifying the membership scheme and instead of a two tier system (friends and members) we are joining the two together to have one membership scheme.

So as from September 2017 there will be just one membership costing £12.00 per year per person. However to accommodate the period from January 2017 until the end of August we are offering supporters the opportunity to join as a member for that period at a price of £6.00; this offer will cease once September has arrived.

This will mean that members will have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, be consulted throughout the year on issues relating to the running and growth of Lichfield Arts, get regular updates on the programme of activities and festivals, through our newsletter as well as separate emails/bulletins plus, of course, the opportunity to a 10% reduction on tickets to our events, excluding festivals.

Terms & Conditions

New Membership from January 2017

Membership will cost £6.00 per person to run between 1st January 2017 and 31st August 2017, regardless of when purchased within this period.

Members will be entitled to vote at, and attend, the AGM and purchase tickets with a 10% discount* at one discounted ticket per concert. (Members who purchase more than one membership will be entitled to one discounted ticket per Membership). Members will be asked for their Membership Number when purchasing tickets.

Customers with valid “Friend of Lichfield Arts” and “Members of Lichfield Arts” membership

Existing holders of valid previous Friends of Lichfield Arts and/or Members of Lichfield Arts schemes will continue to have the benefits of the respective Friend/Membership until their expiry date is reached.

Holders of valid “Friend of Lichfield Arts” will continue to be entitled to: one discounted ticket* per “Individual”, or two tickets per concert* for “Over 60” and “Family” until their expiry date is reached.

Holders of a valid “Member of Lichfield Arts” will continue to have the right to vote and attend an AGM that takes place before their expiry date.

The previous Friends and Members schemes cannot be renewed.

*All regular Guildhall concerts and selected Festivals as advertised



Ticket type: Price: Quantity:
Lichfield Arts membership - January 2017 — September 2017: £6.00