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Concert - The Dylan Project: Sunday 17 Dec 2017

Venue: Guildhall

Concert starts at 8.00pm, doors open to the public from 7.15pm. Access to Guildhall from 6.00pm - please can all volunteers ensure they arrive in plenty of time for their duty.

Marcus Perks (new volunteer) will be down to learn the ropes of Bar work with such a splendid array of experienced bar staff!

Duty Volunteer Name
Bar Manager [1] Terry Woodward
Bar [1] Henry Roche
Bar [2] John Harborne
Bar [3] Marcus Perks
Chief Steward [1] Rob Morris
Front of house [1] Trina Bond
Front of house [2] Ben Macnair
Glasses [1] Dave Jones
Glasses [2] Judith Israel
MC John Perry
Photographer [1] Dave Jones
Raffle [1]
Reviewer [1] Ben Macnair
Stage [1] Keith Howes
Stage [2] Judith Hepburn
Steward(s) [1] John Palmer
Steward(s) [2] Liz Perry


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