Concert Review The Gerry Colvin Band

Lichfield Guildhall November 2018


Folk-pop legend Gerry Colvin must be one of the most endearing and energetic musicians on the planet, just as much at home playing small clubs as he is supporting Status Quo on their Aquostic Live Tour. This multi-talented singer-songwriter performs all his own material, combining catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics on love, society, angst and Johnny Cash! His be-suited on stage performance combines Frank Sinatra, Lee Evans, and the afore-mentioned Man in Black. Genius? Madcap? Maverick? Yes, all of these things…and a lot, lot more.


How often is it that the audience at a concert is performing a Mexican wave in the first song of the evening? Followed by an ‘eye brow’ wave a ‘little finger’ wave and a ‘butt clenching’ wave… let’s not go there! From the moment they walked on stage The Gerry Colvin Band had the Lichfield Guildhall audience under their spell, which lasted the whole evening until the final encore at 10.15pm.

Joined by musicians Jerome Davies, double bass, Trish Power, accordion and Lyndon Webb on guitar we were treated to an evening of music encompassing jazz, country and folk, along with story telling, humor and the unique personality of Gerry Colvin, rightly labeled as a folk-pop legend.

Over the course of the evening the band played tracks from the latest album ‘Back & Forth’ along with many favorites from Gerry’s huge portfolio of self-penned songs.

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