Concert Review – The Oxley Meier Guitar Project

The Oxley Meir Guitar project provided an hour and a half of pure musical enjoyment when they appeared at Lichfield’s Blues and Jazz Festival on Saturday June 1st.

If you take two of the county’s leading acoustic and jazz guitarists, a strong, and musically flexible rhythm section, and a magpie’s sense of genre borrowing, you have a concert that is packed full of dynamic, and imaginative music making.

It was proven by the concert that the Oxley Meier guitar project gave as part of Lichfield Blues and Jazz Festival on June 1st. With guitarists and composers Pete Oxley, and Nicholas Meier, drummer Paul Cavaciutti and bassist Ralph Mizraki they played a set that was taken from their most recent release The Alluring Ascent, that ranged from the blues and country rock of The Austin Bar, with its duelling nylon and sitar guitars, to the twisted tango rhythms of The Gift, or the pure unbounded joy of East Coast Joys. Walk in the sky was a brooding reverie, whilst Our Homeland took in Meier’s personal and musical roots with a mid-eastern modality given to the music.

September Song was another uplifting piece, whilst Manzanati Samba was twisting music that went through a number of time signatures, and keys without losing site of its Samba like origins. Pete Oxley’s guitar sitar was used to good effect during Autumn Enters, whilst The Key of Klimt and the long form improvisation that closed the concert, Our Beautiful Frantic Life seemed to throw everything into the sonic soundscape.

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