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Corporate sponsorship


A not-for-profit charity, Lichfield Arts brings arts, culture, community and participation events to around 30,000 local families and visitors annually through five annual festivals, around fifty concerts and several community outreach projects that give aspiring artistes the chance to perform alongside nationally-popular stars.

Only half of the associated cost is covered by ticket and refreshment sales. Hence corporate sponsorship income is critical to our ability to increase the number of events, the volume of visitors, the involvement of the local community and the financial contribution to the city economy we deliver every year.

We offer a range of corporate sponsorship opportunities to suit all budgets that will raise your profile among your target audiences. There are options to become a major backer of the whole year’s programme by supporting the organisation across all its activities, or to be a more specialised supporter by contributing to particular events or community projects that appeal to you and your target audiences.

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Individual donations


We have made the process of making a donation really simple – just click on the Paypal button below and we would be happy for your donations to be used to support our charity across all its activities, or to be put towards particular events or community projects that appeal to you – in which case having made your donation please email us at to explain your wishes.

Become a member


Lichfield Arts Membership costs just £12.00 per year per person.

Active members will have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, be consulted throughout the year on issues relating to the running and growth of Lichfield Arts, get regular updates on the programme of activities and festivals, through our newsletter as well as separate emails/bulletins plus, of course, the opportunity to a 10% reduction on tickets to our events, excluding festivals.

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Lichfield Arts is proud of its team of volunteers who give up their time to make all the events that Lichfield Arts promotes throughout the year happen and run as smoothly as possible. As well as ensuring our concerts, community festivals and events work well, our hard working volunteers help to support the Lichfield Arts office and the board of Trustees, who themselves are volunteers… Read more about becoming a volunteer