Our Covid measures

It is great to be back! Being able to hold our concerts and festivals again is both exciting and a huge relief, however the risk of Covid is something we all need to be mindful of.

Our Covid measures are in place to protect our visitors and volunteers at our events. Although there is far greater freedom now, and we are finally able to hold our events, we all need to play our part. With this in mind we have completed a risk assessment for our concerts and will be adhering to the following to protect customers and our volunteers:

– We ask that, if you have any Covid symptoms you do not attend.

– For your comfort and to allow social distancing, our usual audience capacity has been reduced.

– we encourage customers to wear masks when moving around the building.

– We will encourage contactless payment where possible.

– we will not be providing space for dancing until further notice to avoid the likelihood of people congregating together in groups.

– At all concerts we will do all we can to maximise ventilation. Depending on venue this may mean all doors remain open throughout. Please dress with this in mind, particularly on colder evenings.

– Volunteers will be offered PPE (gloves, masks, etc) and hand sanitiser will be available for customers to use at each venue.

– The bar equipment will be regularly cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes. Gloves will be worn by bar volunteers when handling money. 

We respectfully ask that all visitors to our events respect our Covid measures, that way we can help keep music live and can continue to offer great events. We would really love to be able to hold our concerts with no restrictions, however with the venues we use having their own risk assessments and capacity reductions which we must respect, and of course our own requirement to do all we can to protect our custers and volunteers, Lichfield Arts events will for the time being be run slightly differently for everyone’s safety.

We hope to see you at our concerts and event really soon, and despite some restrictions, we can together enjoy live music in Lichfield
 once again.

The Lichfield Arts Team

Updated – 8th September 2021