Welcome to ‘In The Bellows’ – a brand-new event that invites you to explore the imaginative spaces between folk, jazz, electronic, and ambient music.

Produced by Kikimora Records and Lichfield Arts, this innovative programme will be held in the historic Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield.

Against the station’s reverberant high ceilings and 1800s industrial architecture, we bring you three mesmerising acts from across the UK. Me Lost Me, Zyggurat, and Alys Rain will take you on a musical journey that transcends genre boundaries and celebrates the playful spirit of experimentation.

Featuring textural projections and lighting join us for a cinematic audiovisual experience that will enchant and inspire. Whether you’re a firm fan of live music or seeking a unique cultural offer, ‘In The Bellows’ promises to be a truly special immersive event in Lichfield’s calendar.



Me Lost Me delights in experimenting with songwriting and storytelling, creating a beguiling mix of soaring vocals and atmospheric electronics that playfully push the boundaries of genre. 

Led by Newcastle-based artist Jayne Dent who takes influence from folk, art pop, noise, ambient and improvised music, Me Lost Me has been described in The Guardian as “stripping folk back to its bones while letting its future echoes bleed out”, and by BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson as a “brilliant peculiar noise”.

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ZYGGURAT presents ‘Broken Circle’

Zyggurat, an electronic music project by Pete Grimshaw on modular synthesizer, featuring Piera Onacko on accordion and Nathan England-Jones on drums perform their new collective release, Broken Circle. 

The name ‘Zyggurat’ derives from the inverted ziggurat of Birmingham’s lost brutalist library. Completed in 1974 and demolished in 2016, the music of Broken Circle ties in with Birmingham’s history for rebuilding and remodelling its architecture and cultural heritage – a cycle of destruction and regeneration. 

The band have received acclaim for their skilful and spontaneous modular synth performances, drawing special praise for the sonic interplay between their synth work and organic flow of jazz-infused drums.

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In her solo project as ‘Alys Rain’, Coventry-based musician Izzy Hadlum explores elements of dark folk and drone through intricate guitar rhythms, ethereal vocals and the transcendent sounds of the shruti box.

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Sandfields Pumping Station is a beautiful Victorian-era water pumping station located in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. It was built in the 19th century to help provide clean water to the growing population of Lichfield. The station has an impressive brick facade, with large arched windows and a tall chimney. Its interior is filled with wonderful examples of Victorian engineering, including massive steam engines, enormous pumps, and intricate brickwork.


Springing up between the cracks is a brand new independent label, promoter and ecosystem of imaginative and amorphous music from Birmingham and beyond. Introducing Kikimora Records.

Established in 2023 by composer/performer Rosie Tee and multimedia creator Emily Doyle, Kikimora Records are growing a fruitful community of artists and listeners. They produce enchanting events that showcase performers and inspire audiences, including the co-production of Nightgarden Festival (audiovisual delights in Manchester’s hinterland) and irregular Birmingham shows.