Volunteer and job opportunities



We’re already really thankful to all of our volunteers for their brilliant efforts in helping us to run our events and give our community the chance to enjoy all types of music.

To ensure we can keep doing that when we’re up and running again – and hopefully do even more – we’d like to ask you to get even more involved too, if you’re willing.

We need your skills and experience, so we’re appealing to you to tell us what you’re good at – or what you’re interested in doing – and then to join our organisational teams as we plan to not only secure the future of live music in the city but to strengthen and grow it in the future.

We’re a small team of trustees who take on specific areas of responsibility. We think we’d benefit from having our own teams of enthusiastic people to join our current much-appreciated volunteers to ease the load and bring additional expertise, ideas and hands-on involvement in our various areas of activity.

For example, we’d like to:

Set up an expanded IT and marketing group, to assist in devising and producing exciting campaigns with imaginative ideas to help us to expand our profile and build bigger audiences; to develop print, display and online content for our emailers, websites and social media platforms. This could include writing articles, reviews, submitting event photos and sharing your own creative work.

Find a fundraising team to help identify organisations and individuals who may donate to Lichfield Arts and to come up with new money-raising ideas

Find financial experts who can help ensure that we are financially secure; we effectively manage our cash flow and we manage our bank accounts making payments in and out on a timely basis. This also covers setting and regularly monitoring the annual budget; ensuring we are compliant with HMRC and other regulatory bodies; working well with our auditors and managing financial risk assessments.

Produce a pool of technical experts who can join our existing team who we can call on to help set up and dismantle the technical elements of our events. We’d also welcome ideas on ways of delivering our shows more effectively, economically and spectacularly.

Build a big back-stage team who can set up and strike sets on a rotational basis, for our regular shows, especially when we have a series of events in a short time – like our festivals.

Widen our skills in running bars, keeping beer at top quality, ordering and managing stock flow and helping to create and manage a rota of regular bar staff.

Have a larger front of house team, who can share the load of welcoming and managing the public throughout the year. This would cover on the night box-office and venue admission staff; stewarding; health and safety; hosting and MC’ing events; managing customer surveys.

Expanding our outreach team to identify more potential programmes to introduce and support; seeking additional funding opportunities; helping to deliver our projects and to help manage an evaluation process of them.

If you are enthused by and interested in helping us with any of these, please contact John Palmer at John.Palmer@lichfieldarts.org.uk or on 07881 738029…..who’ll put you in touch with the appropriate Trustee so that we can have a chat about how you can help.

The Lichfield Arts Board – July 2020