• A huge thank you to everyone who came to our volunteer event!

    A huge thank you to everyone who attended our volunteer thank you session on Sunday 15th October in the Guildhall.

    It was great to see so many volunteers who have helped with our events in 2023: Fuse, The Blues & Jazz Festival, The Lichfield Festival of Folk, and our concerts and other projects. 

    Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help us this year, we really appreciate your support.

  • DURAN brings the 1980s to Lichfield Guildhall!

    🎉 Thank you, Lichfield Arts community! 🎶

    On Friday 13th October, we embarked on an incredible journey through the iconic hits of Duran Duran at the Lichfield Guildhall. The DURAN – UK Duran Duran Tribute Show rocked our world and took us back to an era that left an indelible mark in music history. 🌟

    👏 We couldn’t have done it without your amazing support. Your energy and enthusiasm lit up the night, and we’re so grateful for each and every one of you who joined us.

    🎤But that’s not all! We know you have questions, and we’ve got answers. We’re excited to announce a Q&A with the band. Ever wondered why they chose to be a tribute to Duran Duran? Here’s their story:

    🌟 “We all have a very strong passion for the music of Duran Duran, which definitely comes through in our live performances. Individually, we lived and breathed their music as we grew up, so quite simply, it was that magnetism and love for their sound which brought us together. We all have a strong desire to recreate their sound as accurately as possible, so it’s vital to know the music of the band you’re tributing inside out! We’re not a karaoke version of Duran Duran, and really pride ourselves on reproducing their live and recorded sound. In fact, Darran actually owns some of the original synthesizers that were, and are still, used in Duran Duran.

    We’re the Duran Duran fan’s, Duranie’s, favorite tribute! Yes, there are others, but we’re the one that pays the most respectful homage to the Wild Boys of New Wave Pop Rock!” 🎶

    🎫 We hope to see you at our future Lichfield Arts gigs, as we continue to celebrate the power of music together! Stay tuned for more electrifying performances.