Calling all bedroom musicians and producers in and around Lichfield: is lockdown getting you down? If so why not join the Lichfield Arts Lockdown Music Collective Facebook group – a place to collaborate with others over the internet in creating new music, with the possibility of performing completed compositions at this year’s Fuse Festival!

The Lockdown Music Collective is our new outreach project which gives musicians and music producers the opportunity to collaborate online in the creation of music, particularly whilst Covid-19 restrictions remain in force. This provides an outlet for creativity at a time when physically getting together with other musicians and producers is restricted.

It is open to anyone, with participation encouraged particularly from those living within the Lichfield district as this is the focus of Lichfield Arts’ outreach initiatives. We also encourage participants who do not know each other to work together, so providing an excellent networking opportunity and leading to new friendships at a time when many are feeling isolated under Covid-19 restrictions. The project operates via a Facebook group (link below).

People join the group in order to participate, with participants comprising:

• A Lichfield Arts moderator who will promote the project, manage the Facebook group, assist collaborators, resolve issues etc.

• Musicians who can generate good quality WAV files of their recordings.

• Producers with access to a Digital Audi Workstation (DAW) to pull individual recordings together into an overall finished composition.

Contributions are encouraged from multiple styles and instruments (by which we define as including vocalists). In line with Lichfield Arts’ ethos the focus is on creating original compositions rather than covers. An example of how it works in practice:- A keyboardist joins the Facebook group and records, to a click track, a keyboard piece as the basis of a new composition. They post it as a WAV file to the Facebook group for others to listen to along with information regarding the time signature, tempo (BPM) and song structure (e.g. intro, verse 1, bridge, chorus, verse 2 etc.).- A producer replies to the group to say they would like to take control of the production process and invites other musicians to contribute.- A drummer lets the producer and the rest of the group know that they want to record an accompanying drum track. – Once completed, the drummer sends it to the producer who mixes it in, issues a fresh mix to the Facebook group featuring both instruments and invites further contributions.- The same occurs with a guitarist, bassist, trumpet player and vocalist.- Along the way the producer liaises with the contributing musicians as required – e.g. to send them specific mixes they need to record their tracks or to request tweaks to recordings.- The producer decides that the composition is complete, posts the finished piece on the Facebook group and informs the moderator, who arranges for the composition to be showcased on Lichfield Arts’ social media and other channels.

Lichfield Arts Lockdown Music Collective