The Undoing of Polly Button


The Undoing of Polly Button

Lichfield Guildhall – Saturday 15th October, 3.00pm.

Following a number of successful performances after its debut at the Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton in February, director David Barton brings the performance to the Lichfield Festival of Folk.

The Undoing of Polly Button is based on the tragic but true events of a horrific murder in the town of Nuneaton almost 200 years ago. Polly Button was the nickname of ribbon weaver Mary Green, who was murdered in 1832 while heavily pregnant with an illegitimate child. John Danks, her married lover, was found guilty of the crime, but mystery surrounds the events of her death – was the right man convicted?

The story has been worked into a poignant musical retelling through more than a dozen wonderful songs by Katherine Fear. Hear and see a battle for women’s rights, a dark – perhaps unsolvable – mystery and a lesson of resilience and courage in the face of adversity. Watch and listen as the ghost of Polly teaches a young writer to ‘weave another world’.