Welcome to our volunteers!

Welcome to the volunteer section of the Lichfield Arts website. This page is currently under development and will be updated shortly. This section of the website will allow volunteers to sign up for volunteering opportunities along with other exciting volunteer content. 

Lichfield Arts values the volunteer team and the amazing help they give to the organisation. Whether you are a new volunteer to the team, or have been involved with us for several years, we thank you for being part of our fantastic team and for offering your time and effort to help us.

Lichfield Arts runs some incredible events, creates important outreach projects and offers creative opportunities for community involvement. Without our volunteers these events simply wouldn’t happen, nor would the people of Lichfield (or in fact those of us involved in Lichfield Arts) be able to enjoy great quality concerts that are unique to our organisation. A huge thank you to all of our volunteers and we really look forward to seeing you at an event very soon.

While this page is in development, if you have any suggestions, questions or ideas for volunteers, please contact our volunteer trustee Louisa Ramsdale who would be delighted to hear from you. Meantime stay safe and best wishes, 

The Lichfield Arts Team