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Blues & Jazz Festival - Sunday Shift 2 Guildhall: Sunday 02 Jun 2019

Venue: Guildhall

Shift 2 - Volunteer 3.00pm to 9.00pm.
At 4.15pm Guildhall to be cleared and tidied before final concert.

Duty Volunteer Name
Bar Manager [1] Terry Woodward
Bar [1] Anouska Sutherland
Bar [2]
Chief Steward [1] Rob Tilston
Front of house [1] Adrian Hope
Front of house [2] Angie Darboe
Glasses [1] Sally Ann Miller
Glasses [2] Mike Ryan
Marketing Steward
Marketing Steward
MC - Sleaze Brothers John Perry
MC - Soft Machine Brian Pretty
Meet & Greet Steward Liz Tilston
Meet & Greet Steward Steve Wade
Photographer [1]
Raffle [1]
Sound Engineer Martin Derry


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